Tires in Dayton, OH

At Carroll-Wuertz Tire Co, we want to simplify the process of buying tires in Dayton, OH. We know that when it comes to buying tires in Dayton, OH, you've got a lot of options to choose from, and from time to time we hear customer asking, “What kind of tires are best for my vehicle?”

Carroll-Wuertz Tire Co carries a lot of brands and designs of tires in Dayton, OH, so that question can be a little hard to answer unless we narrow it down by what kind of vehicle you drive. In addition, it’s going to depend on your driving style, your personal preferences, your expectations and your budget, so let’s explicate a little: 
All-Season Tires -- Considering the climate here, all-season tires are a great choice for  tires in Dayton, OH. All-season tires deliver safe performance and traction in most weather conditions, including mild wintry weather with slush and light snow. If you’re looking for a tire that offers a smooth ride and predictable handling, even in winter, remember that Carroll-Wuertz Tire Co stocks all-season tires in Dayton, OH. 
Touring and Grand Touring Tires -- Do you put a lot of interstate miles on your tires in Dayton, OH? Grand touring tires might be what you need -- they’re designed for a plush ride, great highway stability and low road noise. 
Winter Tires -- Winters can be pretty demanding on tires in Dayton, OH; for some drivers who have to be out in the weather a lot, winter tires can present a perfect choice. Winter tires are designed for safe traction in snow, slush and even light ice; some are even pre-drilled for easy installation of metal studs for extreme weather conditions. Remember, though, that winter tires are designed for temperatures below 40 degrees; it’s advisable to change back to all-season tires in Dayton, OH when spring comes around. 
Light Truck Tires -- Some years back, trucks and SUVs went from being work vehicles to becoming popular as daily drivers and family cars. Light truck tires are designed for heavy loads and limited off-road ability, while still offering ride quality and noise levels that rival passenger car tires. If you drive a light truck, Carroll-Wuertz Tire Co stocks plenty of light truck tires in Dayton, OH. 
Summer Tires -- Designed for precise handling and steering response, summer tires use a softer, stickier tread compound for great performance on dry or wet pavement. 
Performance Tires -- Do you like to really push the limits of your car’s handling? That’s what performance tires are designed for, with great cornering ability and steering response. The down side of performance tires is a softer tread compound, with a shorter tread life. 
Our service advisers at Carroll-Wuertz Tire Co have years of experience with tires in Dayton, OH. They’d be happy to provide you with expert advice on your choice of tires in Dayton, OH -- give them a call and set up an appointment today.