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70th Anniversary of WWII

Tires & Auto Repair in Dayton, OHThe 70th anniversary of the end of WWII is here, and at Carroll-Wuertz Tire Company, we wanted to take a look back at Dayton, OH’s contributions to the war effort. Dayton and Ohio in general have long been associated with tires and the rubber industry, but there was much more than that going on here 70-plus years ago, and it all helped contribute to victory in the war:

  • Dayco: Along with tires in Dayton, OH, Dayco was manufacturing hoses, pontoons, life rafts, ponchos and many other rubber-based product for the war effort.
  • NCR: National Cash Register was home to the United States Naval Computing Machine Laboratory; together, their research broke the codes used by the German military, which was key to prevailing over the Germans.
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Checklist for Winter Tires

winter tires in Dayton, OHAs inclement weather and freezing temperatures surround us, prepare for winter with this useful winter tire checklist from Carroll-Wuertz Tire Co in Dayton, OH! While maintaining correct tire safety is vital throughout the year, harsh seasonal implications of colder months can provide driving situations with different problems. Consult Carroll-Wuertz Tire Co for winter tires to improve vehicle saftey and vehicle performance. Consider this winter specific maintenance before braving snowy, inclement weather this season to avoid dangerous driving conditions:

-Maintain tread depth at 2/32 for all tires

-Check tire pressure frequently

-Schedule wheel alignments and rotations regula ...

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